Using the Envelope Punch Board

Yesterday I posted about a new product that Stampin’ Up! is offering; the Envelope Punch Board.
Today I wanted to show you just how easy it is to use.


The punch board comes printed with envelope size combinations printed right on the front.  You simply find the size of card that you need to make your envelope for; cut a piece of Designer Series Paper or Cardstock the size indicated.  In my case, I was making a standard size 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 card so I needed to cut the size of DSP to 8X8.

You then place your piece of DSP against the score line indicated on the grid (in this case 3 1/2).


See the round ‘knob’ at the top?  That is a punch.  Once you have placed your paper along the correct grid line you punch, then score the DSP along the score line.  The bottom of the score line is just peaking out there at the bottom right corner of the picture.

Turn your paper 90 degrees and place the edge of the paper along the score guide.  If you look back up at the top picture, you will see the score line mark just below the punch.  Punch your paper and score again using the guide.  Repeat this process until all four sides of your paper have been scored and punched.


The underside of the punch will round corners of the envelope flaps.

Easy….peasy!  I see myself making a lot of custom envelopes in the future :)


If you have any questions about how to order the Envelope Punch Board, or questions about card making in general please be sure and leave a comment.

Until next time……Happy Crafting! “C”

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